The Platform

Unleash your data’s business potential – now.

The TROVE Platform gives you everything you need to put your data, and the power of predictive data science, to work for your business quickly and easily. Most companies collect data up to the point of consumption, but beyond that they draw a blank. That blank is the customer, and you can’t predict customer behavior without great customer data. TROVE Data fills that void.


TROVE Data – our industry-leading cache of consumer and business data with more than 650 distinct demographic and firmographic attributes in all is a game changer. Through the process of Datasynthesis™, we augment your data with TROVE Data, supercharging it to provide you the most complete view of the customer or prospect available anywhere. The result? A superior data set for training predictive models and enhancing their accuracy, and the ability to pinpoint individual predictions into superior macro forecasts, campaigns, and reports.

The secret sauce? It’s the Solvers™.

It takes a lot to make data “prediction ready.” We know. Most big platforms fall short in applying that data to solve problems that move the business, ones that drive revenue, reduce costs, and build loyal customers. Our platform isn’t big, it’s just better, and Solvers™ are the key.

So what exactly is a Solver™?

So what exactly is a Solver™?

A Solver is where we bring together our data models, machine learning, and experience applying predictive data science to solve specific business problems. The result? Pre-packaged bundles of data science goodness – Solvers – for easy consumption by the enterprise. We have dozens today – Customer Solvers and Systems Solvers – and are developing new ones all the time based on client needs. Go ahead, try one.

In the cloud or on premise. Have it your way.

With TROVE, when you hear the word “Platform,” you’ll say “Ahh…” not “Ugh.” That’s because we’ve made ours easy to deploy, configure, use, and afford. You get all the benefits of an advanced predictive data science capability without the IT headache – something we call “Frictionless Functionality.”


IT friendly

Monetize and leverage your existing IT investments. The latest Open Source technology, microservice architecture, and API standards built into our platform make integrating behind your firewall, or in the cloud, a snap.

Speed to benefit

Accelerate the development and deployment of predictive analytics in your enterprise. Shrink the Explore-> Build-> Test-> Deploy-> Monitor-lifecycle by empowering TROVE’s Science Squad or your own data scientists to own that lifecycle from start to finish. Start getting results -- often in weeks.

Low cost

Affordable pricing helps you introduce the power of predictive data science into your business without breaking the bank.


Memory-resident, distributed platform computing gets you answers in real time. Run tens of millions of predictions per hour.

Prediction-ready data

Complement your data with hundreds of high-resolution attributes on each of your customers to see and understand them as never before.

Data pointers

No need to ingest data into the TROVE Platform to use it. System scanning and data pointers let you leave the data where it is while still taking advantage of everything the Platform has to offer.


With TROVE, you’ll be doing data science, not talking about it.


Get the most out of your investment in the TROVE Platform with the best team of data scientists in the industry, bar none.


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