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Start small. Work fast. Find wins. Repeat.

At TROVE, we have a strong bias towards action. In the time it takes most companies to think about predictive data science, we’ll have you up and running with it.

“In less than two months, TROVE helped us diagnose and fix a problem using a new Solver™ it developed just for us, saving us $5 million.”

We start with what you need.

Whether you need a rapid report, enriched customer data, or a full-blown data-science rollout, our flexible approach enables you to experience the benefits of the Platform and drive results without committing to a large upfront licensing fee. Our process reliably delivers value at each step.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

At TROVE, we don’t start with a Platform sale, we start with your use case. A proof of concept, typically a 3-4-week engagement, shows you how we think and act in your business and data environment as we work together to solve a finite problem through predictive data science. This process helps set expectations for future value creation.

Value = Familiarity, comfort, solving a tangible problem and gaining a measurable result.



After a proof of concept, we like to bring everyone to the table – from data analysts to decision makers – to enable a greater level of discovery and map to the business’ most pressing needs. Workshops help bring alignment, understanding and transparency, as well as setting a strategic direction and tactics for operationalizing predictive data science in your enterprise.

Value = Discovery, alignment, and a strategy + tactics for driving value with predictive data science.

Broader Deployment

Broader Deployment

Clients who have experienced a taste of what predictive data science can do for their business often want more – more of our Data, Solvers™, and Science Squad™. Whether you need one Solver or 10, this phase of engagement is where we help you build data science into – and across – your business, with all of the benefits of the TROVE Platform included.

Value = Operationalizing predictive data science at scale and achieving awesome results.

Taking you where you want to go.

Whatever step you take to get started, with TROVE you'll be moving one step closer to better business results, a more robust data-science capability, and a scalable solution that grows with you at your pace.


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